Why I Quit!

One day it happened.  My husband of 26 years and I decided to embark on one of the biggest, scariest, most exciting journeys of our lives.  Our four children were getting older, one had already flown the nest and the other three weren’t far behind.  We were determined to find a way to spend more time with them while we still could.  We sold everything we owned, including our home, (we were fortunate to have enough equity in our home to make this possible) left behind everything we knew to be comfortable, secure, and predictable, and stepped into the great unknown.  We took off in our camper to travel the country and create shared experiences that would last a lifetime.  But let’s not be insincere here…it’s been tough at times, really tough!  No one ever said change was easy, but it is necessary.  Our plan was to stay on the road for around a year and then see where our hearts led.  The winds of change were blowing, and decisions had to be made.  As kids do, they let us know when it was time to settle down again, we followed their lead and started looking toward the next chapter…  

So, a little bit about my background…I was a leader in the customer service industry for over 20 years in various roles, working my way up the ladder from processing payments to leading a team of more than 200 agents.  I truly loved serving people every day, doing so in a way that would make my parents and grandparents proud. So, why did I get into insurance of all things?

Funny enough, my very first adult job was in the home office of a large insurance company in downtown Fort Worth back in 1988.  This was a very entry-level position, but it gave me a chance to see how Insurance Agents were making a difference in the lives of so many. 

Fast forward to 2018… After abundant research, I felt I could be most impactful by serving our Senior community.  I took a class in Medicare and Life Insurance that reignited and fueled a genuine interest to return to the insurance industry.

After several rewarding years working with Seniors, I still had a desire to do more.  Now that I’m almost a senior myself, I see the importance of providing personalized service in a way that seems to be lost to history.  Hence, the Ricki Williams Insurance Agency was born! 

Today, I get to provide personalized service at your speed.  It’s time to have someone in your corner that gets to know your needs and offers solutions that work for you!

If you or a loved one need to put protection in place, please feel free to contact me at any time.  I would love to be of assistance!

Thanks, and have a powerful day,

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Insurance Agent,